Take Shelter

by Linebacker Dirge

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released August 19, 2013

Words, Guitars and Arrangement - Jason Gibson.
Bass - Colm Laverty.
Drums - James Bruce.
Second Guitar - Ian McHugh and Jason Gibson.
Strings - Aidan Kelly.
Additional Vocals - Ian McHugh, Aidan Kelly and Jason Gibson.

Recorded by Jason Gibson, James Bruce and Ian McHugh.
Mixed and Mastered by Jason Gibson and James Bruce.
Artwork by John Quinn.



all rights reserved


Linebacker Dirge Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Four Ignoble Truths
The wind picks up on the eastern seaboard,
And thick, dredge, rain beats down on our harbour towns.
It will rip and tear it's way through the bowels of the country,
While we hide in our bunkers and on warm barstools.
But we will weather this storm together,
And raze our fears in the floods.

And through this reductive novella,
I have tried to outline,
Our decline,
As I see it.

In terms of,
And communication,
In our own introversions,
And ending.

And in the depths of the tempest,
We could bind,
Some new ragged standard,
To sail behind.
And in the depths of the tempest,
We will build,
These soaked timber bastions,
Against the wind.
And in the depths of the tempest,
We could find,
Moments of calm,
To hide inside.
Track Name: Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates
It should be mentioned,
As you walk through the door,
That we are scavenging Jackals.
Stronger together, We live tearing out.
Your entrails for our needy,
Bleeding, hearts.
But still we won't get far,
For the protein picked from bones is weaker than we know,
And this denial is getting harder.
So let's fight harder for our dinner.

And I wish I knew what to say to you,
To help you realise that this is what,
You and I deserve as we fought to serve only our lusts,
In this quicksand cityscape.
But desperate times call for desperate measures,
And that will be, what's etched on our tombstones.
If we don't kill this and scratch something else into the stone.
'Cause we gave up a long time ago..

But screaming these verses will make me remember,
For next time.
That I waste an opportunity by,
Prescribing to,
This crippling loss of drive,
And this penchant to contrive;
Such self pity and sweet excuse,
For ungrateful abuse of time,
As I sink into this Mire.
(Fake fuck)
A liar for my pride.

And if we knew then,
What we know now,
Would it be different?
Would you be different?
'Cause all that's clear is that,
We get what we deserve.
So tell me; What do you deserve?

'Cause I'll be here for the next five years,
And it will kill me; Beat by beat.
Of my dark heart, and my crumbling ship,
Should suffice as example.
To you my friends,
That this all ends.
And that tomorrow,
Is already here.
So raise up your fists and complete your lists,
Of to do and to don’t.
Track Name: [words are missing]
Verse has fallen victim to a decade in exile,
For crimes of inconvenience.
And I'd hazard it's the lethargy of our community,
That makes such words inaudible.
Where syntax and structure, and intent of author,
Are naught but merchandisable.
And all the beautiful brown-haired boys play such sweet songs
About nothing.
Well colour me surprised, you'd be so easy to please.

Because sickly, silly boys, with six-strings and soliloquy
Are not real f*cking artists.
And so we all must plead to be taken seriously;
Well I have something to say,
About whether we are worthy,
Of the same celebrity,
Given to,
Higher artists like you.
Well we are much more self indulgent.
This is all for me;
I will live and die in this meter,
And I'm sure we'd still make Whitman sick,
But at least He'd see us trying.
Yeah at least He'd see me trying.
Well lets keep our broken fingers crossed for this one.

See the way I see it, you've got more in common with Byron,
Than Hemingway,
But don't fret;
'Cause that's the way I like 'em.

See the way I see it, you've got more in common with me,
Than either of us would care to know,
Or would like,
To live with,

But frankly, I've got better options.
Sure they're counterfeit,
And they're miserable,
But they are mine,
And I'll live with that.
But can you live with your choices?
Track Name: Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi (清虫終式閻魔蟋蟀)
So give me one swift reason for,
Your silhouette cast across my floor.
The perfect edges of your dark shape,
Are the outlines for nothing.

And someday I should just let this die,
Just like the light was sapped from your eyes.
But every day I fall more in love,
With a shadow I mistook for you.

And someday I will get over this,
But until then I live this mess.
It won't retreat,
It won't release,
And my rebuttle
Is just "Please let me go".

So give me one swift reason for,
Your silhouette cast across my floor.
The perfect edges of your dark shape,
Are the outlines for nothing.
Track Name: Tiburon
Like a bait ball at the surface,
They frantically huddle together,
As yellowfin torpedoes,
Crash against the vanguard.
And they pray for the death of their friends,
So that they might escape, unscathed.
But the Marlin, relentless.
The Marlin, relentless.
Will eat them alive;
Every last one.

But it is all their fault,
For they did not hold the line.
Yes it is all our fault,
For we did not hold the line,
And broke against each other;
Their families for freedom,
Their families for freedom.
Or at least that was the promise...

Now the blood in the salt water,
From the fall of alma mater,
Ha saludado a los tiburones,
Para comenzar el asedio,
And they will have no mercy.
Track Name: Blood Bruise
How much of this is your fault?
And how much of me is me?
All I want is to feel that I am in control,
Of what I say and do,
But you're inside me.
I can feel you in me veins;
A shallow whispering that offers sordid reasoning.

It makes me sick to look in the mirror,
And see your face.
These flaws are yours so take them and
Get the f*ck out of my blood.

I despise this; My one and only birthright,
That I can't hide.
This - the face of that sick and lonely murderer.
Yes you heard me right,
You're just some sick and lonely murderer.
Track Name: Fall Of The Armada
"Hard! To starboard!", strong and cold the captain screams,
"The waves! Are rapture! 10 foot tall; They crash against our,
Hull! Is shattered! One more hit and we will fall,
Beneath! The umbra!
So raise the sails; We'll all rest when we're dead."

"Dear God! Dear Neptune! Dear anyone who hears this plea;
Forgive us! We're empty! Soulless but defiantly alive.
Please keep us! As anything that you can use,
Beyond! The fodder! That we would be to soothe this fallow land."

(And then the storm front hit)

A crimson explosion as his face hits the floor of the galley,
He drags himself o'er to a porthole,
And catching a fleeting glance of death on the port side,
He mistakes the storm for something closer to god.
"The Leviathan rises.
The Leviathan rises!"

"Please! Dear Captain. Listen to my message from the nest!
The storm front! Has changed it's course to directly at us."
"Well take us in!
For we will not be lowered;
If we go down, we'll prove this monster is but fiction;
A ghost."

Contrary. To Belief. Relief did ask me to take their lives myself
But I rejected. Yes I rejected. I refused. I was disgusted.
For We are Neptune. We are Leviathan. And We will not be lowered.

But as with all other doomed human endeavours,
The real danger lies in vile self preservation;
Where captains of men, captain their ships into others,
And the Armada falls to Herself.
Track Name: Burnt Out
There is nothing inside me.
I am barren;
A loathsome container,
For blood and water.
Eternal retainer,
Of mud and mortar,
So decrepit,
Naught but cypher can be built.

With purpose unclear,
And crippled by fear,
Faith is abandon,
And I am She.
With everything given,
And nothing achieved.
The promise plundered pallid,
Drained with my colour,
And siphoned of each,
Dear itemised remnant.
That I'd associate.
With me.

Now every home in this hamlet,
Is hollowed out.
Ransacked and pillaged.
And burnt down to the filthy ground.
Where now I lie flat,
And in memoriam,
Will sink only but deeper;
This task will be my keeper.
God knows I tried to stand,
For what feels like eternity,
But these limbs have frozen solid;
Sunk like stoic stalagmites.
Into the soil.

It has broken my will;
I am not who I was,
And all that's left behind is waste,
Of insular thought,
And tangible guilt,
For such squandering and dear, sweet, atrophy of prospect.

So I will stand before this Sepulcher,
And make amends for my mistakes.
As success is where,
Preparation and these opportunities collide,
And I,
Am unprepared.

So we must stand before this Sepulcher,
And make amends for our mistakes.
Or at least we'll fake it in front of you just to make you feel compensated,
For the suffering it must have caused you to sit through this revolting,
Reflective nonsense that we insist on ejecting.
But it is all I care to offer.
And I do not care for requests.
Track Name: The Great Northern
I knew this girl just like you, but then She died.
Our shadows bled together to form the shape of,
A Gulper Eel,
That swallowed Her whole,
But She was given back to us,
As You;
Unwilling to pretend to be our long lost daughter.

Well is that so much to ask?
Well is that so much to ask?

That you die for Her?
Yeah, you'll die like her;

Like our little Laura.
Track Name: A Short History Of Shuck And Jive
And you use,
Such proper f*cking language,
To use me.
And to mask the stench of the bodies,
Under your floorboards.
And I'm bored,
Of playing polygraphs with girls,
And my friends.

Trying to,
Find the truth,
Behind this social distortion.
But we won't,
Ever know,
If this is the only way...

To communicate in this decade.
To tell the truth and not placate.
To lie with one and not implicate,
Their greatest fears,
Their destruction,
For simple control.

Look, I'd swear we were the good guys.
Or at least I thought we stood for something.
Hell, I remember,
When everyone was thinking,
And funny for the right reasons.
Oh I did not trust you then;
But still I tried,
And that's my fault.
And it has cost me such..

That I use,
This cryptic, scathing bullshit,
To use you.
And to mask the stench of the poison,
In twelve bar power chords.
And I'm bored
Of playing polygraphs with girls,
And my friends.
Yeah, my friends.

And this serial passage,
Has caused structural damage,
That's sewn deep in our language.

And this serial passage,
Has caused structural damage,
That's sewn deep in our language.
Track Name: Valar Morghulis
I'll never get over how little I feel,
When people I know die.
Gone forever with so little left behind,
I mean I get why the religious,
Can soothe their aching souls
And faith away the fear,
But I believe in endings,
Yet still remain so numbed.

So when I go, I'll fear it,
And feel mine was for nothing;
I will forget myself.
And kick and scream and cry like a newborn baby.
And it will be shameful.
It will be shameful.
Yes it will be shameful.
It will be shameful,

But justified.

For you could flick off like a light switch,
Even before,
You hear the end of this sentence.
And the sentence is endless;
Hung above your heavy head;
Your human self is more vulnerable,
Than you know.
Both physically and conceptually;
The weight of the world can buckle your body,
As it shifts,
Atop your shoulders,
And mire your macabre mind,
As it drags you down,
To the ocean floor.

Or you'll die in some ancillary nursing home,
Surrounded by,
Pictures of the people who put you there,
But couldn't get out of work,
They couldn't get out of work,
To watch you die;

And that is the end of your life.
That could be the end of all our lives.
So let's live in the meantime.
Track Name: Rudderless

Won’t you watch me as I wrack my brain?
For an explanation, for this cold vibration,
I can feel deep in my bones,
That whispers;

“I won’t feel anything.”

Like snowflakes perched on then eyes of a predator,
I will wait for my moment;
A cold, ephemeral cripple who just can’t,
Help but let this fall apart.

But just eight years ago we were perfect.
When we danced to Daft Punk in the kitchen.
When everyone laughed in unison,
And I was me.
But now I don’t feel like I’m anything more than,
An empty vessel;
A rudderless,
Ghost ship.
Track Name: A Descent
If I were to ask you,
What you are,
And what you believe in,
Could you tell me?
Without that look in your eye,
And say truly,
That you know?

For the older I get,
The more I dissect,
To deflect and derive,
The source of my failings,
To the point that I am,
Mere experiment.
(Read embarrassment)

But in analysis lies growth.
And in analysis lies joy, and pain, and folly,
Contemplative, contradicting, explanations, (Deliberations)
That lead only to further confusion, loss of sense of self and alienation.

'Cause by 25 I'd cut it up into so many pieces,
That the solvent in my petri dish had eaten it's way through,
Through the sample.
And those filters I'd relied on,
To tell the difference between black and white,
Art and shite,
Have melted together in the sunlight,
And this passive objectivity,
Has me question,
Every word I say,
God knows what I'm meant to sound like.
And this morbid objectivity,
Has me question,
Everything I do,
God knows what I'm meant to be like...

And though it comes off as tragedy,
I write only black comedy;
All these lack is a laugh track,
So let's sing;

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha ha ha f*cking ha.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
(This 101 melody)
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
(Descending so predictably;)
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
[This depicts a descent]
(A crisping sear on yellow leaf)
[This depicts a descent]
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha ha ha f*cking hah.
[This depicts a descent]
(Of withering despondency.)
So let's sing;

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha-hah ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha ha ha f*cking hah.


Because every time you meet someone new,
You repeat yourself;
Reiterate that mission statement.
But it's an edit;
Fractal and diffuse.
Designed by committee.

A caricature.

Designed for the worst people,
You are likely to have to,
Explain yourself to.

And this is the cycle,
For the rest of our days,
We will lie. We will lie.

And this is the cycle,
For the rest of my days;
Eternally subsidised me.